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My Month 3 Update

This month I not only set out everything that I intended to accomplish but I was able to see some significant gains in visibility over the course of the month. 

Baby Steps of Progress

This marks the end of the third month of this quarter's project. I’ve been spending this quarter so far creating traffic-driving content for a website, writing articles to be posted on the website and shared via social, and documenting everything that I have learned so far.


You can view my starting project outline here, or check out the prior month's update here. Stay tuned for my final update!

What I Set Out to Accomplish

As I mentioned in my update last month, my plan has slightly changed from what it was at the beginning of last month. Revised from when I started the project in February, at the start of this month, my goals were to:

  • Analyze SEMRush to track progress

  • Incorporate case studies onto the website

  • Optimize other web pages

  • Write at least 8 more articles targeting target keywords

  • Write a blog about the basics of SEO

What I Actually Accomplished

Fortunately for me, the mishaps of Month 2 seem to have ended for the most part. This month was incredibly productive and yielded great results. 

Firstly, the visibility score jumped from as low as 0.26% in March to almost 0.50% in April! And while it still seemed like a long way to go before I got to my initial goal of 1.00% in 4 months, I was still thrilled. 


Next, I wrote an article that began ranking for several keywords almost immediately. Additionally, the keywords that the article was ranking was a difficult keyword, making it all the more exciting that this article was able to rank highly.

I am also proud to say that by taking the initiative in the previous month, my boss gave me more responsibility over other areas of content creation as well. My fear of being fired had been replaced with the eagerness to learn more and keep adding value so that the company could thrive. 

The only two downsides were that the case studies remained in draft form, never making it onto the site and because work kept me busy, I did not complete ANY documentation for this project. 

What I Learned This Week

Here are my top takeaways from this week:

  • Sometimes things take time! A lot of the content that I had produced in Month 2 and Month 1 did not start yielding legitimate results until this month. Patience is key.

  • Being responsible and proactive is the best way to show value and demonstrate an eagerness to serve.

  • It is hard to keep up with documentation after hours!! 

Skills I Used

  • SEO tracking with SEMRush

  • Canva for additional graphic design work

  • Time management

Plans for Next Week

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve realized that one of the things that I struggle with is patience. And while I had good reason to worry about the visibility score last month, patience served me better this month.

Additionally, I plan on trying to set aside some more time to finish up my tech tool and blog documentation pieces. 

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