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My Month 1 Update

This first month involved mostly planning out my content calendar, getting comfortable with the tools I was going to be using, and getting help from colleagues. Keep reading to see my initial outline for the project!

Introduction and Planning

So, this is the first month of my quarter-long project and I am very excited about the learning journey that I am about to start.

Just giving you a brief overview, from February 2023 to June 2023, I am going to be exploring how to improve the visibility of the company I am working at, Saleslion, in order to improve traffic toward the website and ultimately generate leads.

I am tackling this project because

  1. As a new marketer, I am eager to learn and gain experience in as many areas as possible. I am a huge fan of the Houston Zoo and the conservation work that they are doing in the wild.

  2. I (vaguely) understand that in today's digital age, SEO is one of the most vital aspects of successful inbound marketing as it increases website visibility and drives targeted traffic.

At the End of This Quarter

I hope to have…

  • … gained tangible skills in SEO, content creation, and inbound marketing.

  • boosted visibility from 0.29% to over 1.00%.

  • … created blogs or video tutorials for the things that I learned.

  • … created over 20 pieces of content that contributed to the SEO growth.

The Skills I Will Be Gaining

  • Project and time management

  • SEO and SEO writing

  • Content creation

  • Website optimization

  • Copywriting

The Specific Tech Tools That I Will be Using

  • SEMRush

  • Google Analytics

  • Frase

My Monthly Breakdown

Feb 1 - Feb 28: Planning Month

  • Identify exactly what I need to learn/do to improve SEO

  • Talk to colleagues in the marketing field for their input

  • Identify the specific keywords and long-tail keywords that I am going be targeting

  • Research competitors and analyze their SEO

  • Design an SEO strategy

  • Write 2 articles targeting target keywords

March 1 - March 31: Implementation Month

  • Implement the SEO strategy designed last month

  • Create at least 6 articles targeting keywords

  • Design a social media strategy

  • Write a blog about how beneficial it is to learn by experience

  • Re-evaluate how strategies worked

April 1 - April 30: Re-Evaluation Month

  • Analyze SEMRush to track progress

  • Draft up case studies to be housed the website

  • Optimize other web pages

  • Write at least 8 more articles targeting target keywords

  • Write a blog about the basics of SEO

May 1 - May 31: Results Month

  • Write at least 4 articles

  • Analyze SEMRush and Google Analytics to monitor progress

  • Continue optimizing any additional articles and web pages

  • Create and implement a new strategy to continue SEO growth

  • Conduct another competitor analysis

  • Create Loom videos for SEMRush and Google Analytics

  • Complete the full write-up of my project

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