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My Month 2 Update

I have made some progress this month although significantly less than I would have liked. But even though I encountered a couple of setbacks, I have re-adjusted my plan and am continuing to press forward.

Sticking With It Through it all

Last month, I created an outline of my month-long project. I had what I thought were reasonable goals of boosting visibility and increasing website traffic. I had outlined content and gotten approval from the individuals I reported to. I was confident that this was going to be the month where all of the SEO visibility growth happened.

But, unfortunately, this month did not exactly go as planned.

What I Set Out to Accomplish:

  • Implement the SEO strategy designed last month

  • Create at least 6 articles targeting keywords

  • Design a social media strategy

  • Write a blog about how beneficial it is to learn by experience

  • Re-evaluate how strategies worked

And while I did in fact complete each of those tasks, our visibility score barely moved. In fact, it actually dropped a couple of percentages between Feb 1 and March 30.


I didn't know what I had done wrong. I began to earnestly consult the more experienced marketers at the company to learn how to bring up the visibility score.  

Simultaneously with the drop in visibility, I also had a terrifying wake-up call: I thought I was about to get fired. 


I knew I had to make some changes

Firstly, I made sure that I documented EVERY SINGLE REULT that I could find, good and bad, so that I could monitor how I was doing. As it turned out, even though our visibility score was low, my articles were still getting shared, website traffic had not fallen, and our social media presence was still consistent. 

Additionally, I decided to prove my worth by taking initiative in the situation. I talked to my boss in our weekly check-in meetings to brainstorm new ways of generating content and ended up creating multiple video segments from a past webinar to use in articles and social to drive more traffic toward the website.


I also worked to improve the backlinking of articles in order to "gain Google's trust" and rank higher on search engines. And on top of that, I collaborated with the sales professionals for improved outreach efforts.  

I was extremely desperate to show my value and keep my job and so I continued to optimize my content creation strategy. 

But while this month might have been slightly chaotic, let's take a look at all of the positives.

This Month I Learned

  • The importance of being able to adapt quickly.

  • How to take initiative and be proactive during stressful situations

  • Everything can be a learning experience, even challenges, and failures.

  • There is a multi-faceted way to drive website traffic and improve SEO

The Skills I Used This Month

  • Video editing

  • Time management

  • Graphic design

  • Copywriting

Plans for Next Month

While I did have a bit of a panic attack this month because of the lack of tangible progress, I was frequently reassured by the marketing team and my boss that visibility growth takes time.


My plan for next month is to continue creating articles that target specific keywords, diversify the content that I am creating to improve SEO, and be patient. ;)

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