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Starting Something new & Expecting Failure

Imagine you were given an opportunity to sail around the world for a year.

You would visit untouched seas, witness the most exotic and amazing fish and creatures, encounter the coastal traditions of countless communities, and learn how to use the stars as a guide.

Imagine you had the freedom, time, and energy to accept such an opportunity.

Would you go? Or not? And why?

A big setback might be that you don't already know how to sail. Or that you don't want to sail alone. But those roadblocks are easy enough to get over.

I know from personal experience, that if I was given this opportunity a year ago, the biggest setback would not be my lack of skill or company, but of my fear of failure.

Interesting, right? An amazing and life-changing experience that I would turn down because I was afraid of messing up.

Starting something new is like an adventure.

It is frightening, and exhilarating, and exciting, and scary all in one bundle.

But it is worth it. Starting something new, setting out on an adventure, learning and growth are all worth it.

But even still, don't expect that starting something new will be easy or even 100% successful.

Self-directing my learning, writing a book, writing weekly blogs, and creating a YouTube channel are all different things I did in an attempt to start something new, set out on an adventure, and to learn and grow.

And I have failed and messed up numerous times in every single one of those adventures.

And that is ok. With each failure, I learned from what I did wrong and grew from the process.

I sincerely encourage you to find something that interests you today, this week, and this month and start something new. Pick up a new hobby, explore an area of learning that jumps out at you, and begin an adventure.

And when you do, expect failure and get ready for some amazing change.


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