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Lua, Luna, Moon

Round and silver you glow.

Like a jewel across a raven’s back,

You shine through the darkness and midnight.

A pathway of pearls, shimmering,

A shining hue along my twilight skin.

I wish I could catch you in a crystal bottle,

Drink your presence and shine,

Like a mirror, reflect the golden arrows.

Not a star, a beam, bearing a human face,

Bearing a flag, rays, and stars, a resemblance.

Your presence not caged by the sky,

Your gift, glimmering across the water.

Like a superhero, you pull and tug,

The substance following your lead.

You are strong, a leader, and a pathway to follow.

The beaches of powdered crystal become entangled

As you drag across its surface the bond of our world.

Ribbons of silver distract, as towels become wet.

Your presence descends upon the earth,

And you draw up the beaches like I draw up the covers at night.

You, with skin like midnight and eyes like moonlight,

You spin our world and lead our night, the connection between the darkness.


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