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My Week 3 Update

While I did not accomplish everything that I set out to accomplish this week, some of my notable wins are completing my video shoot at the Houston Zoo and completing 4 blogs about what I have learned and my inspiration for the project.

Beginning Production

This marks the end of the third week of this month’s project. I’ve been spending this month so far videoing animals at the zoo, talking to marketing experts, and writing about everything that I have learned so far.


You can view my starting project outline here, or check out the prior week's update here. Stay tuned for my final update!

What I Set Out to Accomplish

As I mentioned in my update last week, my plan has slightly changed from what it was at the beginning of this month. At the start of this week, my goals were to:

  • complete 3 new blog posts about what I have learned through this journey

  • write a blog post about wildlife conservation and the decrease in animal population sizes

  • complete the video shoot at the Houston Zoo

  • learn how to use Adobe After Effects

  • record a video tutorial on Adobe After Effects

What I Actually Accomplished

Unfortunately, because Week 2 of this month was not the most productive, this week was overwhelmingly busy. And while I was able to accomplish most of my goals for the week, fixing last week's problems, working, and trying to catch up on this week's assignments prevented me from completing the animation part of my video.


First of all, while filming at the zoo, my camera ran out of battery so I had to return the next day to finish up.


Next, I ran into serious writer’s block while trying to complete my posts for this week. And finally, there were several things in my personal life that kept me thoroughly distracted.

But I am proud to say that I completed a blog around conservation and the natural world. I wrote it both as an educational blog and to document the inspiration behind why I chose to create a project around the Houston Zoo. You can check it out here.

What I Learned This Week

Here are my top takeaways from this week:

  • It is better to knock out the most challenging things (learning Adobe) at the beginning of the week. Because I chose to write at the beginning of the week, I ran out of time to really learn how to use After Effects. This weekend and early next week, I will adjust my schedule to fit what I learned this past week.

  • Adaption is EVERYTHING! This time last week I had gotten no response from the PR team about interviews, but after just getting a response email from the zoo, I am considering pivoting back to incorporating interviews in my video.

  • Using Notion for note-taking is a great way to quickly re-organize notes into drafts and outlines.

Skills I Used

  • Project Management in Miro

  • Note-taking and Drafting in Notion

  • Teaching via writing

Plans for Next Week

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve realized that one of my hangups was that I did not set aside enough time for the things that took a long time to complete (tech tools, tech tool documentation, video editing, video animation, etc. ). I still plan to create video tutorials for Adobe, Canva, and iMovie before my project submission, but unfortunately, they will not be completed this week.

I will also be writing at least three additional blog posts summarizing and demonstrating what I have learned this month.

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