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My Week 1 Update

This first week involved mostly project planning with the help of peers, advisors, and marketing and videography experts. Keep reading to see my initial outline for the project!

Introduction and Planning

So, this is the first week of my month-long project and I am very excited about the project that I am creating.

Just giving you a brief overview, in October 2022, I am going to be exploring how to create a video for the Houston Zoo that will help them share their message more prominently on the home page of their website.

I was inspired to try to tackle this project because

  1. I am a huge fan of the Houston Zoo and the conservation work that they are doing in the wild.

  2. I am a storyteller, I love helping people tell their stories, and I think it would be an amazing experience to help the Houston Zoo communicate its message to the world.

  3. I am eager to learn more about videography and to put my video editing and production skills to the test.

At the End of This Month

I hope to have…

  • … gained tangible skills in video editing and production.

  • … interviewed 40–50 zoo guests on the zoo’s message.

  • … created blogs or video tutorials for each tool I learned.

  • … pitched my video to the marketing team at the Houston Zoo.

The Skills I Will Be Gaining

  • Project and time management

  • Videography and video production

  • Creating conversations with strangers

  • Teaching through writing and video

  • Graphic design

  • Storytelling

The Specific Tech Tools That I Will be Using

  • Miro

  • iMovie

  • Canva

  • Adobe

My Weekly Breakdown

Week 1 - Planning Week

  • Identify exactly what I need to learn/do to create the finished product

  • Talk to experts in the marketing field for their input

  • Identify the specific problem I am going to be addressing

  • Research solutions to the specific problem

  • Create a Loom video describing how to use Miro for project management

  • Write a blog about the planning phase of project learning

Week 2 - Production Week

  • Create a list of questions to ask zoo guests

  • Complete market research

  • Record what was learned on a Google sheet

  • Analyze data

  • Create a Loom video around my knowledge of Google sheets

  • Write a blog about market research and its importance

Week 3 - Post-Production Week

  • Record elements of the Houston Zoo for video

  • Create animations for video

  • Create a Loom video showing what I learned from adobe

  • Create a Loom video showing what I learned from Canva

  • Create a Loom video showing how to create a cool video trick with iMovie (make it relevant to the viewer)

  • Write a blog about videography and the power of visual storytelling

Week 4 - Pitch Week

  • Finish the video that can be used to address the marketing problem

  • Pitch video to Houston Zoo marketing manager

  • Write a blog about the marketing problem I solved

  • Complete the full write-up of my project

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