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My Speaking opportunities

👋 Hi! 

Over the past several years I have had the pleasure and privilege of getting to speak numerous times about my educational experience and my desired impact on the world.

Not all of my conversations were recorded, but if you want to listen to me and learn a little bit more about my story, click on the different podcasts and interviews below to listen!

Also, if you are interested in interviewing me or just talking to learn more about Black Life, Blue World, what it means to be different, and the change I dream to make in the world, go here to connect!

Disrupt Education - Having the Space to
Be Bored

Oct 2022

Unimagined Podcast - The Road Less

Sep 2022

Classroom Without Walls - The Journey and
Lessons From an 18-Year-Old Self-Directed

Aug 2022

The Whole Woman's Way Retreat [Not

June 2021

Global Education Movement Panel Interview [Not Recorded]
June 2021

Education Roundtable (Orchestrated by Fabienne Vailes) [Not Recorded]
June 2021

Flourishing Education - What It Means to Be a Self-Directed Learner with Olivia Barnes
Jun 2021

Disrupt Education - Episode 179
May 2021

KHCB Radio Station [Not Recorded]
Mar 2021

Off The Trail Learning - Olivia Barnes on Self-Directing as a 16-Year-Old
Feb 2021

Voices of Education - Episode 16
Jan 2021

The Education Game - What does a Self-Directed Learner Look Like?
Oct 2020

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