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"Olivia Barnes's descriptive emotional language demonstrates nature's irreplaceable, awe-striking magic. In combination with the emerging research, Overlapping Worlds leaves you refreshed, validated, and eager to seek the profound ways to continue your relationships with the outdoors." 

Amanda Presgraves
Professional Triathlete

4.5 Stars on Amazon and
Barnes & Noble

"I would describe Overlapping Worlds as a connection point to the power of nature and what offers to both build and counterbalance an athlete's training and mentality."

Rebecca Soni
2x Olympian

Overlapping Worlds: Exploring how nature Supports the Mental Health of Elite Athletes

This book, by 19-year-old Olivia Grace Barnes, dives into what it means to be an elite athlete, the vital importance of nature on mental health, and why mental illness should be more widely supported in athletic communities.

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After learning about the documentary, The Weight of Gold, which highlights the extreme mental pressures that Olympic athletes often face, and seeing the athletes featured be vulnerable in their mental struggles, I realized how important mental health awareness was in the world of sports.


Also, when I began to read about studies that were conducted in nature that demonstrated how nature had the power to improve people's mental states, I realized that the healing power of nature was also extremely important.

Athletes and Mental Health.


Mental Health and Nature. 

The more I thought about it, the clearer it became to me that a powerful overlap lay within those three topics. And so, with the help of the book-writing program that I was a part of, Creator Institute, and my publisher New Degree Press, I began to research, write, and explore how nature could play a role in strengthening the mental health of elite athletes. 

And one year later, Overlapping Worlds was officially born.

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